Beetroot Risotto

If there is something that I will never be able to give up, is my risotto. And I mean real risotto, made the proper Italian way. Its such a adaptable dish which can be consumed with literally anything you need to get rid of in your fridge. My suggestion? Make a big batch and keep it in the fridge. When you crave some of this deliciousness, add a little bit of butter and a splash or two of water before heating.

Ingredients (per 3 servings)
1 tbsp of E.V. Olive Oil  [108cal ; 0,10£]
50g red onion [16cal ; 0,04£]
1 clove of garlic
50ml dry white wine [50cal ; 0,25£]
1 stock cube [8cal ; 0,11£]
210g arborio rice (I SAID ARBORIO!) [250cal ; 0,55£]
tap water for broth
125g Cooked Beetroot [52cal ; 0,40£]
30g margarine/butter [85cal ; 0,11£]

Instructions (THE ITALIAN WAY)
Put to boil in a small pan some water (around 500ml) with the stock cube and salt (if stock cube is without) and keep aside on low heat when boiling. In a bigger pan heat on low heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil with the red onion and the clove of garlic (chopped for more flavor). Cook until onion has softened, then add the rice. Stir and cook for 30/60 sec, then add your wine and leave to evaporate while stirring. Once the rice is starting to dry up, add one or two ladles of your broth and stir well. Turn the heat up to medium.

REMEMBER:  To obtain the perfect risotto you must NOT add all the broth at once and you must NOT lose the sight of your pans!

Once the first ladles of broth have been absorbed by the rice, add another 2 ladles and stir. Repeat until rice has become creamy and is fully cooked. While cooking, you can decide when to add your beetroot depending on how strong you want it to taste. I personally suggest to add half of the beetroot at the beginning and the other half 5 mins before the end.
Once the rice is cooked, turn off heat, add your parsley, margarine, adjust for salt and pepper and cover. Leave to rest for 2-5 mins. This procedure is called mantecare and leaves your risotto more creamy than ever. Serve with a further sprinkle of parsley or pepper.


Total calories: 190 per serving
Total cost: 0,52 per serving


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