Salad me a lunch

Yes salad. But no salad. Just veggies. I mean, how can you even think of buying a whole lettuce thing and eating it before it goes bad? Not me, I need my carbs. Anyways wonderful salads can be made with all sorts of veggies. Best part? If you can grill some, it just becomes so much better!

Ingredients (but really just use any veggie)
1 Courgette (grilled)
1 Tomato
1 Carrot
150g Celery

2 tsp Chia seeds
1 tsp Sesame seeds
1 tbsp Engevita Yeast Flakes B12 reinforced
1 Spring onion
Salt & Pepper
Garlic & Onion powder
Lemon juice

Uk Sainsbury prices:
Salad: 0,20£ + 0,20£ + 0,11£ + 0,23£ = 0,74£
Dressing: 0,10£ + 0,05£ + 0,17£ + 0,03£= 0,35£




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