Broccoli & tomato pasta

Love me some pasta. Love me some Dried Durum Wholewheat Semolina Pasta ❤ And perf combination of broccoli and tomato sauce just takes this deliciousness to the next level.

Ingredients (SERVES 3)
200g Frozen broccoli florets
200g Tomatoes
100g Courgettes
50g Tomato passata
1 tsp Coconut oil or E.V. olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Onion & Garlic powder
Basil or Basil leaves
240g Wholewheat pasta (or any of your choice)

1 tbsp Chia seeds (you know, for some healthy proteins)

Put to boil a saucepan filled with cold water.
In the meanwhile, in a skillet heat one tsp of Coconut oil or E.V. olive oil (for some  flavor) and start cooking the broccoli florets. These will take quite a while to defrost, so cook on medium-high temperature. Half way from defrosting add the courgettes, and when completely defrosted and slightly soft add the tomatoes, salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and turn down the heat to medium-low. If the veggies dry out, add some water.

If the water for the pasta has started to boil, add salt and your pasta. Set timer with cooking times reported on the packet.

Once the tomatoes have soften in the skillet, add your passata and heat everything through. Adjust to taste, add your basil & chia seeds and turn off heat.

Once the pasta is ready, or al dente, drain reserving 1 cup of cooking water, and DO NOT RINSE.

If the skillet is big enough, add your pasta to your pasta sauce, turn on the heat and stir. If the sauce looks a bit dry, add some of the reserved cooking water. Once heated, this vegan treat is ready!


TOTAL CALORIES: 225 per serving

Uk Sainsbury prices:
0,27£ + 0,40£ + 0,19£ + 0,08£ + 0,05£ + 0,41£ (+0,15£) = 1,55£ (3 servings)

TOTAL COST: 0,52£ per person


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