Lazy Weekend

Hi, I’m Margherita. And I’m an MSc student. I don’t know much about my international fellow students, but I spend a lot of time at home “trying” to study. Yes, my life is very sad. Not because I am often home, but because I don’t have time to cook, so pre-made, pre-cooked, pre everything products usually save me from starvation & bring me a little joy.

Friday soup-day (Knorr packed thick soup vegetable)_mg_6047

At the price of 0,75£, in no-time you can make yourself  (and in theory, other 3 people) a decent soup. Plus, you get to add all the veggies you like to it!
Personally I don’t get how one could eat only 1/4 of the packet, or 225ml of soup per serving, so I go for the double ratio (as seen on pic). My favorite addings are:

2 tsp of chia seeds (you get some protein in there girl!)
1 tsp of sesame seeds (for some iron+calcium boost)
1 tbsp of Engevita Yeast Flakes (com’on B12)
30g of Quinoa (you know the one you had in the fridge for quite a while now)
all the veggies you desire

Avocado Toast:
half small avocado
50g  red tomato
Salt & Pepper to taste

Saturday quick-day (Sainsbury’s vegetable quarter pounder)

I just needed food. But thank good I can eat easy, quick and delicious vegetarian food with Sainsbury’s vegetable quarter pounder (no they don’t pay me unfortunately, sigh). Box price 1.50£, which is only 0,38£ per burger!  Tip for the addicted to snacking as me: just chop up some celery! The crunchiness will give you satisfaction while filling you up, at a cost of 0,16£/100g and only 8 calories per 100g. In the pic, the not very appealing (but delicious) food beneath the cut up quarter pounder is my Tomato Corgettes (recipe here). Also: starting to think this combination of ingredients give me a sauce particularly similar to Bolognese sauce (or Ragù, for the true Italians). Maybe I’ll get ya’ll a decent recipe one day?

Sunday colourful-day (Sainsbury’s cup vegetable soup)_mg_6065Soup again? YES I’m living in the UK! Soup will always be a first choice. Yes probably not so good to have dry soups but hey… where do I find the time? And com’on my classic avocado toast and its wonderful healthy fats always help to make the day a little happier. What about my B/A? Well also happier, with 0,65£/100g per box (that is 016£ ca. per sachet). Healthy? Not too much BUT quick and student approved.


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