Tomato Courgettes

Are you bored of eating the usual boring courgette/zucchini, cooked always in the same way? Do you want to get rid of that pesto sauce that has been sitting in the fridge for forever? Then you must try this tasty mediterranean recipe!

Ingredients (SERVES 2):

1 tbsp E.V. Olive oil
400g Courgettes
20g Onion
150g Passata
5g Chillies
Garlic Powder

1 tbsp Chia seeds
50g Char-grilled Aubergine Pesto (or any veggie sauce you have left and want to get rid of)


Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan, and in the meanwhile chop up your courgettes and onion. Once the oil has heated up, cook your veggies at medium heat to develop colour (and flavor!) until softened. Season well with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
If the vegetables start to dry up too fast, lower the heat and add half a glass of water.

Once the courgettes have softened and developed a nice brown color, add your tomato passata and optional sauces. For additional proteins, add a tablespoon of chia seeds. The seeds will help absorb the excess liquid and thicken up the sauce, giving it a consistency similar to bolognese sauce.
Cook until desired consistency and taste.


TOTAL CALORIES: 225 per serving

Uk Sainsbury prices:
Courgettes: 0,07£ + 0,76£ + 0,15£ + 0,24£ + 0,05£ = 1.27£
Optional: 0,15£ + 0,33£ = 0,48£

TOTAL COST: 1.75 / 0.87 per serving


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